Level 12

[Post New]by its_a_panda on Mar 23, 10 7:57 PM
Ok.. I am at the end of my patience with level 12.

I have completed all levels but 12.. For 2 weeks now i have directed the water to the spray plants both ways at once, 1 plant but both ways, bypassed both plants and tried directing the water in both directions. I DO NOT see how this is possible. Many many times i have got all gold petals but its still no enough to get the top score and finish the game.

SOMEONE HELP ME and please dont say its impossible to complete it!! lol

Thank you..

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Re:Level 12

[Post New]by EnvirEng on Apr 9, 10 9:09 AM
Dear Its_a_panda,

You aren't the only one with troubles. I've played through the entire game under three different user names and I only got all the coins on level 12 once. Can't remember how.

Some advice: You can completely skip the shooter plants and just direct the water to the right or left. I've done so repeatedly. Got every last drop to the flower and still only get 5999 points. I don't know what else to do and I have tried everything I can think of. Still, I did it once, so it must be possible.

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