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It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by LylasGran on Oct 7, 16 9:09 AM
Hello E1,

I finally thought I was going to get through to the end of this most recent 30 day challenge.

Then I get to day 26 and there it is. I have to get 5 golden chests. I cannot do this!!!!

Last month I had to stop competing in the challenge because of this. The frustrating part is that last month it was way put way sooner in the challenge so I didn't get to that far to make me as frustrated as I am now.

Last month I when I ran into this I created a discussion to find out the best way to complete this task and was forwarded to the pet tells for gold chests forum.

That truly didn't help me. Even though I have a few pretty good pets, the chances of getting golden chests from them are few and far between. I think I got three last time before I gave up. It took me a good seven days just to get those.

I was also told that the girl and boy bunny are by far the best pets to have to get golden chests. I don't have those yet.

Anyway, this challenge needs to be omitted from the next 30 day challenge. It's not fair to people like me who can't make this happen. I've worked so hard to get to where I am just to have to stop and let go of the fact, that again, I won't succeed.


Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by whitebutterfly54 on Oct 7, 16 9:21 AM
LylasGran, While I understand your frustration, if every daily challenge was omitted because a player couldn't make it, there wouldn't be any monthly challenge at all.

The advice on pet tells is just what some players experience in their games. My pets are very temperamental with chests, especially when it comes to the challenge days. On the rusty chest days, pets who always brought me rusty suddenly brought gold. There is no rhyme or reason really. It's all luck.

My advice to you, for what it's worth, is to do nothing but play the HOSs round after round after round. This will help build up coins, inventory, airship items and pet food. Do not play the DQs, rather conserve those resources for a future monthly challenge. Put food or airship items on your wishlist and perhaps some of your friends can help. Maybe sit out the next monthly challenge, and just gather as many resources as you can.

I, too, have been frustrated at times by the challenge. Either the chests, or the dice table (which hates me) or sending airships. The day we had to get one diamond on the Fortune Wheel cost me 19000 coins. The very next day, I won the diamond on the first spin. What can you do?

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by dw1457 on Oct 7, 16 9:22 AM
Hi LylasGran

I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with this part of the challenge! Perhaps if you list the pets you have players can make suggestions of where to feed them. If you're playing on iOS and need a pet egg to craft a new pet that has a better success rate of bringing gold chests I'd love to help you out!


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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by gohill on Oct 7, 16 9:24 AM
I am very sorry to hear you are having so much trouble.... it's rare, but, the devs did change the pets so that they "could" all give gold chests, even the snow griffin, though, as I wrote, it's RARE.... however, personally, I would not waste a bunch, and certainly not all, my pet food trying to get a gold chest from some of these pets, including the Snow Griffin... It does seem that achievement and seasonal pets are the most consistent in bringing back gold chests...

When we get seasonal events, I would highly recommend crafting as many of these pets as you can for future castle challenges.. Since we only have a few days left in the challenge, getting enough pet parts from friends would be extremely difficult... However, you can try putting pet parts on your wish list and it might work out.... Realistically, I think you're looking at needing to take advantage of the Fall and Winter events to gather as many pet parts as possible to craft as many as possible for the next time...

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by Pixie1313 on Oct 7, 16 9:46 AM
Hi Lylasgran,

dw1457 gives a great suggestion, let us know the pets you have, the food you need (if you need it) make sure it's on your wishlist. Then we can guide you with the knowledge we have re which pets have perhaps a higher chance to give you gold chests and which tells to follow.

I was stuck on the last challenge right at the end of it too and the MC players via the forum came through for me, without their help I would not have achieved the mermaid avatar.

So let us have your info re pets and we will help all we can.

MC is frustrating at times and it's also one of the most captivating games I know.... that's what keeps us coming back to play I guess.

Enjoy all lylasgran - the MC players love to help!!!

Love and Peace
Pixie xx

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by HennyMarie on Oct 7, 16 9:50 AM
Dont forget:

It is just a game!
It is a challenge.. it would not be if everybody succeded!
You can craft petfood!
If others donate it to you it is just as hard for them to come by it!
There are some tells but we actually dont know if we made it up, because all pets give all the chests at some point (exept the blue chest that only the level 69 dragons give)!

Wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get the gold chests.

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by andmaryl on Oct 7, 16 1:25 PM
Hi LylasGran,

What level you are on?
Which pets do you have now?

We might be better able to help you if we have more info.

Best of Luck


Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by milliemaltese on Oct 7, 16 1:50 PM
Who said life... or games... had to be fair?

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by 1457051 on Oct 7, 16 11:11 PM
milliemaltese wrote:Who said life... or games... had to be fair?

Just as frustrating.

If the game was easy and didn't get you challenged every once in awhile, would you move on to another game ?
I b*tched about a challenge too. But I got through it. And I enjoy this game even with the headaches.
It's a game. It's all up to you on how far you want to take it

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by dreamfantasy on Oct 8, 16 3:59 AM

for me the quests with the golden chests was easy.
I never use a special place with a special pet - i always feed my pets by Castle Vicinity.
For golden chests I feddet the 2 bunnys with the eggs - the must roll with the eggs.
Then i had feedet the pumpkin - he had to close the eyes. The Jack-in-the box has to move his hands and close eyes, clever monkey close the eyes - near 80 - 85 % of pets has to close eyes for golden chests - not so this anymals from game start, like snow griffin, winged cat, flap-eared puppe - the binf wooden or rusty chests.

Wish you luck.

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by c0c0_nuts on Oct 8, 16 8:13 AM

I can understand your disappointment in making it so far in the castle challenge and then realizing that a task is impossible to complete in time.

In my second MC game, I am unable to complete this task. Most of my pets gave me silver chests. I only received 2 gold chests, one from the champion cat (20 bags of food..ouch) and one from the pegasus (15 bags of food...again..ouch). I had around 60 of each kind of food and I have nearly depleted it.

As stated in other posts, you can hold off on doing future castle challenges, take time to build your inventory, and take advantage of doing the seasonal events to earn additional pets.

Good luck with your future castle challenge attempts.

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Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by katie2050 on Oct 8, 16 10:51 AM
I also found the deer and pony give a lot of gold chests


Re:It's just not fair.....

[Post New]by Arizona63Tucson on Oct 8, 16 1:27 PM
Hi !! I find I fair better for the GOLD CHESTS if I have a CHARACTRE QUEST that needs items from HOS and ZZs .Kills two birds with one stone


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