I HATE Level 108!!

[Post New]by Alaska_Myth on Oct 7, 16 9:19 PM
Arg!! I walked away from this game for about a year, all because of this level. I have been trying again for the last week.

ALL levels 3-gold EXCEPT 108! I get it to the point where they have started the upgrade on the last two cabins (gardens already in) and -- !

Best I can figure, two more seconds is all I need!


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Re:I HATE Level 108!!

[Post New]by mom68 on Nov 3, 16 1:28 PM
I hear you/read you loud and clear. I just got a new computer and thought, "I'll reinstall Royal Envoy 3 and play it all over again." There are some levels (probably 10) that I just cannot get through with 3 stars. I will even go to the walk through section and follow it like cannon, and still nothing. And I miss it by seconds as well. I've even tried level 108 at least 6 times most recently (not to mention trying it several times on my old pc and still failing), and cannot get 3 stars. I think they really timed some of these levels so poorly, it has really put me off ever trying to replay them. I used to like RE series, but now I don't think I'll ever purchase one again.

Best of luck to you, Alaska. If you ever do finish this level with 3 stars, please share how you did it. Happy Gaming, Fishes!


Re:I HATE Level 108!!

[Post New]by jollytar on Jan 17, 17 7:12 AM
There is an anomaly with RE3 (and possibly other versions of RE as well).
Check the timer bar against the solutions on YouTube for example. Sometimes you will find that the 3 star goal tab is about 1/4" higher on your version, which means there just isn't enough time to win. Try this: create a new profile and then work your way through - the first discrepancy is at level 82.
If the timer bar is still wrong. create yet another profile and try it again. Frustrating? Yes, but you can't win 108 or 109 until the bar is at the correct height.

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Re:I HATE Level 108!!

[Post New]by jupiter51 on Apr 9, 17 10:47 PM
Try only picking the row of 6 berries first with 6 men while the other 2 are chopping trees. Plenty of time to go back with 3 men and pick the berries from the other 4 bushes after you build the chalets and while 2 men are building the dovecote.

I've been able to repeat this many times now. And like you I've been trying this level for a long irritating time.

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Re:I HATE Level 108!!

[Post New]by nwl43 on Apr 23, 17 7:42 AM
After trying 108 many frustrating times, I pulled up a profile that I had used about a year ago. Was surprised to see that I had managed 3 stars with that profile. Replayed 108 using the old profile. Finished it easily with 3 stars and plenty of time remaining (more time remaining when finished than I have when starting the final 2 cabins with new profile). Tried it again with the new profile. Same old story.

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