Useful tumbleweeds

[Post New]by ike24651 on Mar 24, 10 10:48 AM
Could someone help me with this level in Wonderland Secret Worlds? I am really stuck. I am 62 years old and need help! There was a link for some of the other Wonderland games that had all the solutions, not just selected ones. Is there anything like this available for this game?

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Re:Useful tumbleweeds

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on Mar 24, 10 11:12 AM
Welcome to the pond ike24651!

I'm sorry I haven't yet played Wonderland Secret Worlds but you may find some more help in the full game forum we have for this game.

The link for the full game forum is here and you can definitely check there for some more assistance. I've gone ahead and moved this thread over to that forum just to keep Chit-Chat nice and tidy.

To find the forum for any game, just click on "All Game Forums" at the top of this page, and type in the game title you're looking for.

Happy gaming!


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Re:Useful tumbleweeds

[Post New]by palomapic on Mar 24, 10 9:00 PM
The first part - do not collect any keys yet!

Stand on the top notice (says something like a good spot to wait) and then wait until there is a boulder in front of you - push it forward into the water.

Now push the boulder below the notices (the one that hasn't moved) down on to the key, left to the tree then pick up key and push boulder up to the top tree then push right right. Walk round to the right at the top (avoiding the moving boulders) so you can push the boulder down on to the flowers. Now push it left into the water to get the key.

Get the key by the chomper (need to move away quickly) and go over the bridge to the second part.

The second and third parts use the same principle as the first except you have to move a boulder to make the moving boulders stack up.

In the third part you also have to move the boxes across and up so you can get the top the coin. The fourth part is more tricky but still uses the same type of moves.

Hope this helps

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