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Please Post your TECH ISSUES for Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Oct 9, 16 3:22 PM
Howdy Everyone,

If you are having problems getting the game to work correctly, we highly recommend going to our Help pages. Using our Help pages is always the quickest way to get technical problems resolved. Here are a few suggested articles that have helped many people correct these types of problems in the past:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen
Mac Game Troubleshooting
General Help for iPhone and iPad Games
Game Compatibility

While we can offer a known solution for technical issues in the Forums, or other tech savvy pond residents can swim by with good tips and suggestions, we cannot provide the same excellent level of support provided by our Customer Support team.

The Forums are not very well suited for the kinds of information gathering and troubleshooting that get these types of issues corrected quickly.

If there is a problem with the game, our Support Team can also gather necessary information on what types of computers are being affected by the problem and deliver this information to the developer for a fix.

If you are not able to get a game working properly using our Help pages, please get in touch with our Customer Support team, you can find a link to contact our Support team on the front page of our Help pages.

When posting in this thread and also when contacting our Support Team, it would be helpful if you could state what system you are playing the game on (i.e. PC, MAC or Mobile), so we can provide you with the appropriate support as quickly as possible.

*Finally, please reserve this thread for tech issues only. If you are seeking game play assistance (i.e. hints and tips), the best thing to do is to start a new thread in the game's Forum by clicking on 'Create New Discussion.'



Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's game doesn't save!

[Post New]by SophieRoxy100 on Nov 7, 16 6:45 AM
Was into the last phase of the game and I closed after 6 + hours. Opened next day and game did not save! Started at the beginning! Checked user name - correct. Very disappointed. what can you do to help??


started a new game

[Post New]by SophieRoxy100 on Nov 7, 16 7:50 PM

enjoyed the game didn't want to take the chance it wouldn't save again. not much for the puzzles not much variety. good story line and graphics

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Re:Please Post your TECH ISSUES for Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by yowzasma on Dec 27, 16 12:44 PM

Completed main game with no problems, enjoyed it very much and looked forward to the Bonus Game. BUT Cannot get to third bracelet, locked out of all rooms, therefore game cannot be finished and the bonus stuff will not be unlocked... I went to the Forum and found that there are many other Fishies that are having the same identical glitch.
I buy Collectors Editions only when I really like the trial and this seems to have been a real waste if I can't play and play all that is in the BONUS Section.

I just ran a Dr. Felix diagnostics and am in the process now of turning in a trouble ticket.
I personally think the Developer should have 'owned up' and put in an up-date and has ha over a year to do it

Played on a desktop PC running Windows 10 and had no problems until the main game was completed and was in bonus game !!!

XXXXX Edited after sending trouble ticket. XXXXXXXXX
I went back and clicked Extras [lower left corner] and found the complete missing morphs and found the rest of the missing crowns----played the Ultimate Hidden Object scene but can not play the Jigsaw Puzzle and can Not complete the Bonus Game !

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Re:Please Post your TECH ISSUES for Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by Queen1994 on Feb 13, 17 12:00 AM
The only problem I had with this game was the soundtrack download because everytime I downloaded the soundtrack the first Ice block track sounded like the third one instead of how it sounded in the game. I contacted customer service over a year ago but the problem hasn't been fixed.


Re:Please Post your TECH ISSUES for Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by tiercel on Jul 12, 17 3:59 PM
I healed the bear but the screen never lost the throbbing red outlines indicating the bear was sick. It's constant in puzzles, cutscenes, dialogue, everything. It makes things hard to find and actually gave me a headache.

Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't fix it.

Running Windows 10.

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Re:Please Post your TECH ISSUES for Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by sazoria on Jul 12, 17 7:19 PM
Maybe try deleting and starting again with a new profile? If you can bare to play back through to the same point, this often fixes certain things in the game that have not played right the first time. Reinstalling will just take you back to the same saved point and the same issues.

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