Achieving Gold Star in Arcade

[Post New]by lgmacox1 on Mar 25, 10 10:43 AM
I know I have to just keep doing it over and over, but man is it challenging, but that is what makes a game good. I have gotten gold star on all levels in Casual, but Arcade is just about impossible. Level 43, you have to have 4 jars of honey, no matter what I try, I cannot get that 4th jar before the time is up for getting the expert level.

But, if it was too easy, we wouldn't play it.


Re:Achieving Gold Star in Arcade

[Post New]by chuchicuchicuchi on Mar 31, 10 1:35 PM
I've gotten gold in all levels of Arcade Mode except 14, 29, 43, 49 and 61. And in Casual Mode all except 49 and 61.
Does anyone get it? Or it is better if I stop to try it. Many hours of dedication!!!

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Re:Achieving Gold Star in Arcade

[Post New]by zuzka56 on Apr 29, 10 6:50 PM
I've got all gold in casual, but i'm totally lost in the arcade … got gold 1-9 and then 54, 57, 58, 59. that's all. and the last level I can't finish at all
So for the casual: keep trying It is pretty easy after you have all the upgrades available. Good luck


Re:Achieving Gold Star in Arcade

[Post New]by catrevand on May 3, 10 10:12 AM
I'm in the same situation! Can't get in the same levels of arcade mode. Don´t matter what I do, the animals just don't breed at the right time! I'm going crazy! no walkthrough in any site! I asked to BF help what can I do...

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