I think Im missing something

[Post New]by KSullivaN1 on Oct 14, 16 12:33 PM
How do I find the "tasks" and "map overview" buttons on this game?? I'v been at this game for a while and can only get all four of the profiles to the point where they all have a pair of SCISSORS, a SHOVEL, a VINE for the "pan", a FISH HOOK for the "fishing pole", an EAGLES EGG, a COCONUT, another COCONUT with a BAG OF POWDER for the "coconut bomb" and some MINERAL ROCKS. My game only shows me the Journal, Inventory and the Black Box that sends you to menu,profiles,options and resume and play. I have no "Tasks" or "Map Overview" buttons. Well, perhaps I do but don't know how to find them. Could someone please enlighten me as to where I might find these two buttons?? Much Thanks.

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