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caudasious puzzle

[Post New]by hidnseekr on Oct 14, 16 7:24 PM
I did this puzzle several times but it doesn't work in a logical way, ie; purple or red according to the picture.
Strategy guide is no help. What is the logical reason you would be coloring all pieces, including why would you click on pieces for red that are not supposed to be red, and what's up with the yellow?

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Re:caudasious puzzle

[Post New]by sazoria on Oct 14, 16 9:37 PM
This puzzle is pretty simple when you get the hang of it but strategy guides aren't always written in a way that makes sense.

You have to get the puzzle to match exactly with the picture and you do this by highlighting pieces and pressing the two colour bags at the side to colour the different pieces.
The twist is that you can only colour pieces that are directly in contact with the colour bags, or that is connected by a unbroken line with them.

Imagine it this way=
The colour bags both contain liquid which is at the side of the puzzle and can't get to the middle without a path. When you press a piece it creates a well that the colour can flow into. In order to get the colour to the pieces that you want, you have to highlight pieces that you don't want at the end to contain colour. It's like a pipe network. As long as a piece has a border with another piece then colour can flow from one to another when they are both pressed down and the bag is clicked on. The colour will flow from the bag to the next pressed piece it's in contact with, and from there to the next etc.

So you create a chain of pressed pieces from the colour you want, that connects all the pieces you want to have filled with that colour.

Then you do the same for the other colour, until all pieces have the red or purple that matches with the picture.

You also have to make sure that no other pieces, apart from the ones that make up the caudices, are coloured.
To ensure this you can click a piece once it has been coloured, to empty it of that colour.
You also have to make sure at the end before you finish. that no other pieces are highlighted ( pressed down) you can tell this because empty pieces go a darker shade of brown when pressed so you know they have been selected and will take the colour.
Just click any darker brown pieces in order to deselect them and then you should be finished.

So to recap- you play the puzzle creating a chain of pieces that colour can flow from one to another.
The finished product should match the picture exactly.

If you are not sure what to press the strategy guide does show you in the pics even if the explanation isn't great.
Select any piece shown in the guide with a red dot first, then press the purple bag. Then select any piece with a yellow dot and select the red bag.
Finally press any piece with a green dot to decolour, and then deselect them, so only the picture is coloured.
It's really pretty simple when you understand the concept .

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Re:caudasious puzzle

[Post New]by hidnseekr on Nov 6, 16 8:10 PM
HI, again sorry for the late reply. That puzzle was not for my head! You did explain it well but I guess my head and heart were not in it. lol
Thanks for the help anyway

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