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[Post New]by hobokin on Mar 25, 10 9:18 PM
for the last 6 months or so i get to the top of the pyramid and do the final trivia gems and it just freezes after i answer all the questions. why? does anyone else have this problem. i am running win xp with all updates. it used to run good and after you win 5 consecutive games you get the championship game, but it freezes and i have to hit the exit which goes to the studio and never gives me credit for the games i won. i have deleted it and reinstalled it several times but no luck.



[Post New]by ALOHALADY1 on Apr 14, 10 2:04 AM
I have had that problem with Big Fish and also from another site I downloaded it from..it always freezes at the end of Power Gems it used to work at one time.It froze on me at a score of 900,000 plus so I am not happy but don't know where to go for help...sorry!

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