level 17 challenge

[Post New]by mirrorpond on Oct 15, 16 6:20 AM
Could you please explain how to do this challenge. I have tried moving from one station to another 12 times before helping a patient. That didn't work. I have completed 2 of the many that need to be completed. I have not figured out how I did this.

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Re:level 17 challenge

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Oct 19, 16 6:03 PM
Once the patient arrives, you see what station they need to go to by the bubble above their head. Have Allison to go that station first (click on Allison then click on the station), then click the patient to go to the station. Do this 12 times.



Re:level 17 challenge

[Post New]by mirrorpond on Oct 27, 16 5:12 AM

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