Black Barriers Help

[Post New]by nemesisrising on Oct 15, 16 12:51 PM
The white stone barriers were easy to figure out: just create a VERTICAL match right above them, and it'll break through. But the black carved stone barriers don't seem to break with one, two or even three matches; they do break sometimes, but I can't figure out when I did to make them break. I am in the higher levels, and I keep timing out because of those *(*&^ black carved barriers, and the rules don't even mention them! Any tips? I really was liking this game until I've reached this impasse.


Re:Black Barriers Help

[Post New]by nemesisrising on Nov 3, 16 12:12 PM
Does anyone ever monitor these forums? I'm finding a lot of questions and few answers, and my post on this doesn't even show up until I log in, so others aren't seeing it.

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