Inspector Kane Ice Trap

[Post New]by HorseDancer1 on Oct 16, 16 7:11 AM
Stuck and any spoilers appreciated. Usually I can get through mazes, but not this one...

I even made it through to the opening on the opposite wall, but there is no path there.

Got it! Spoiler Highlight to read:

It is the side wall on the NW corner that has the exit path.


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Re:Inspector Kane Ice Trap

[Post New]by retract553 on Oct 17, 16 3:12 PM
Are the three ice cubes found in the bushes? I have been whacking away, using over 20000 energies, and I have found not one cube.

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Re:Inspector Kane Ice Trap

[Post New]by hrslvr_paints on Oct 18, 16 8:40 AM
@Retract They are found in bushes. I had the same question when it took forever and loads of energy to even find the first one. Seems it's coded to take a lot of time and energy to get those three.


Re:Inspector Kane Ice Trap

[Post New]by erika_kramer1 on Oct 18, 16 9:35 AM
@ retract: Yes, they are found in the bushes of the field right below the slippery ice.

Since there are only 3 of them, they will take longer than a quest to find 20 items.

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