Opening the Town Gate.

[Post New]by MrJoshua on Oct 16, 16 8:38 AM
When I first played this game several years ago, I was able to play through with no problems.

Recently I've tried to play and I get as far as the town gate and can proceed no further.

I have the code required to open the gate but when I first open the task there is no number 5 ball in the grouping.

I am able to put the rest of the balls (481 I think it is) in the group and the special task then opens (where you have to drop the balls in the different locations)

I keep getting a hint at the top stating that the number 5 ball goes here but there is no number 5 ball in the group nor will it allow me to click on any of the chutes or the spring to put the balls in the correct order.

I can hit the reset button and then the 5 ball will appear. I can then put all 4 balls in the correct order to open the special task but I still can't make the chutes or spring move or do as needed to complete the task.

I've contacted support and they suggested I come here to see if anybody else is having this problem (they were unable to help me)

I'm using an HP Computer (no bashing please), and I'm using Windows 8.1 op sys.

Is anybody else using the same op sys and if so are you able to play through?

Thanks for your help in advance

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