I LOVE this game ! ! ! !

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Oct 16, 16 4:12 PM
I absolutely love this fun Time Management game! ! ! Have been enjoying it immensely and recommend it to others who enjoy games of this genre.

You can choose to play it timed or untimed. (I am playing it untimed.)

In the untimed version, you still see a timer, but are allowed to continue playing as long as it takes you to finish the level... and you then are able to move right on to the next level whether you have finished it quickly or taken a long time to finish it.

You also are awarded stars in the untimed version if you happen to finish a level in the time frame to receive 3 stars, 2 stars or 1 star. But, even if you don't earn any stars, you may move right on. I have earned 0 stars on many levels but am still enjoying the game, for my enjoyment doesn't depend on the number of stars earned. I get pleasure from successfully accomplishing the goals.

I have been having such a good time with this game that I checked the BFG game directory to see if there were others in the series. I was VERY disappointed to see that there are no more available.

DEVELOPERS, I hope you are reading this post. If you are, PLEASE create and release Fables of the Kingdom 2 soon... and then, set to work on #3, and #4 or even more of them.


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Re:I LOVE this game ! ! ! !

[Post New]by stingstungme on Jan 6, 17 12:20 PM
Me too. It rocks. I just started replaying it again a few days ago. I'm replaying to get gold.

A sequel would be awesome. I don't know what they are waiting for. I heard it is cheaper or quicker to make hidden object games. =(

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Re:I LOVE this game ! ! ! !

[Post New]by stanliness on May 19, 17 7:40 PM
I just discovered this series - what fun!

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