The "parables". .

[Post New]by clarkpyle on Oct 16, 16 4:34 PM
Where are they...found 3 pieces for the first parable. Found the first piece for the second parable, but now stuck..... I am in Chapter 4.

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Re:The "parables". .

[Post New]by sazoria on Oct 16, 16 5:18 PM
Hey again
If you are stuck for parable locations, they are listed in the strategy guide.
On the strategy guide contents they are listed at the end, after the bonus chapter, in a section called Parables, collectibles and souvenirs.

When you get to that section there will be pictures of each scene that they are found in, and they will be circled in the scene to show exactly where they are located. The parables are listed first and there locations are circled in green.

Does this help?
If not then get back to me.
Good luck.

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