Level 196,198 and 199

[Post New]by rayvin03 on Oct 17, 16 12:21 AM
Can anybody help me pass levels 196, 198 and 199? I cannot get the 30stars needed to advance. I tried to youtube a video but I couldn't find any. Has anyone passed these and how? Thanks

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Re:Level 196,198 and 199

[Post New]by grams3031 on Oct 18, 16 12:31 PM
if I ever get to 196 I will take a look. I can't get past the 121 to 139. I must have played them all about 20 times each. where is the fun in that. I try everything. I have one that needs 135 and I get 136 or 137. good luck on yours and I hope to get to 190 sometimes but at this rate I doubt it.

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