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RE: This game & message to BF & game suppliers

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Mar 26, 10 8:53 AM
I must say, I rather like this game. I wasn't sure I would, but gave it a demo try and found it very interesting. Smooth graphic gameplay, beautiful (almost fractal like) graphics, soothing music and somewhat challenging. I say 'somewhat challenging' in that it is not a frantically paced aim and shoot game, giving you little time to enjoy the relaxation quality of the graphics and music. I only played the demo, so perhaps the levels get more challenging, which is yet to be discovered, which would be nice too. Either way, I like the game.

There are different ways to destroy the balls... shoot four or more colored balls onto their matching color, rotate the cubix square, and/or destroy with the laser flares. You can also shake the cubix to position relocate all balls to random areas, or try to rotate them to designated areas. In any case you have to destroy all with the allocated number of balls you are issued to shoot with, and within a specified clock time. There is also an acion mode and a strategy mode, which I have not tried yet.

I will be purchasing this game.

On another note, I thought I would add a Kudo's to Big Fish and various game makers that supply BF with games:

Although I do not know how computer games are made, I can only imagine a lot of time is involved in creating them. To promise a game or more a day to the public has got to be a grueling task. To come up with so many different ideas and game genres to fill the year up with games seems quite daunting to me, especially given the fact that there are so many people with so many different game interests, age and skill levels. If I were a game maker, I would run out of ideas within a month... lol So I just wanted to add that (not that any game makers will even read this comment), I give you a lot of credit for the majority of quality games you kick out each day, even if it is not in my genre of interest. For the most part, I play almost all the genres, and cannot say I have a specific interest in just one or two. It all depends on my mood and what I feel like playing. Sometimes I like extremely difficult strategy games, and sometimes brain dead relaxation games with no point to them at all.. ha ha.

Well, that's it. That is all I have to say for now, except, keep up the great work you do BF, and sometimes I almost wish you only supplied one or two new games a week, as it would be much easier on my pocket book! lol I need to practice more restraint.

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