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still trying

[Post New]by orphaned on Oct 17, 16 9:09 AM

I got this lovely game 1.06.12

and am STILL trying to get out of level 6

mentioning this to a friend, I was mercilessly teased until she was stopped at level 2

declaring this game is evil !!

great graphics .. great fun ..

like a cyber Rubic's Cube

thanks for hours and hours and hours of mind bending escape


Re:still trying

[Post New]by mulreany on Feb 22, 17 2:39 AM
hello all
just to rub salt in the wound, i have just got past the 86 million mark, my goal is 100 million, to advance its important to get as many get out of jail cards as possible and use them to get out of a problem,and have lots of patience
hope it works for you

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