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[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Oct 17, 16 2:04 PM
Why, when a player posts something with any criticism of the game, they are locked?
With all the frustration of lack of progress on any tech issues, it's normal for players to feel the need to vent their frustrations.
I have tried over and over by sending reports to the tech team, made several suggestions and still, nothing is fixed in the game.

If the players arent using vulgar language or calling anyone out by name (except for a thank you) why censor?

We all read the rules..... it seems as if they are set up for nothing more than a patty cake game. Why cant we be allowed to vent POLITELY and call the game makers out on their mistakes, lack of customer service and out right disregard of the players for finding mistakes in coding?

Vent over. Guess I will go play other games from now on. They dont seem to care either way.

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[Post New]by bi1fai on Oct 17, 16 3:10 PM
totally agree with you,
more than 1 month we have this bug on the ship ... luckily they do not work for the country's security or a bank...

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[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Oct 19, 16 12:42 PM
Hello Tinyfeet2 and bi1fai,

Thank you both for your time and patience while waiting on a response. I can see there is some concern about the Forum Rules and how they are enforced on the forums.

I absolutely understand wanting to provide feedback and one's opinions and concerns freely on the forums, and the Forum Rules have been implemented as a way to ensure that everyone, of all-ages, and from different places can feel comfortable posting to our forums to discuss their games respectfully with one another. The Forum Moderation Team absolutely welcomes feedback or criticism to be posted, as long as it is game-specific and not directed as a comment towards how individuals or groups of people are.

We also definitely understand that players are concerned about the reported issues in Wanderland. As Tinyfeet2 talks about, our team would definitely appreciate polite venting, and only request that technical issue discussion be posted to the game forum's designated technical issues thread so that we can readily see and forward that feedback and information about the issue.

I also wanted to say that when reported technical issues take a while to be addressed and I begin to feel upset thinking about it, I try to personally remember that a game that has been developed by those teams over many thousands of hours could take a significant period of time to address an issue that seems easy to fix from my perspective. This helps me also remember that even if it doesn't appear that the issue is being addressed, there may be a large team of people devoting lots of time and effort into working on it and it's likely taking longer than they would like it to as well.

Since this thread seems to be general feedback on moderation practices and tech issues, I am going to go ahead and lock this thread to keep the forums more game-specific. I am also going to be sure to provide this feedback to my team, so that we can talk about our practices as well. Thank you for your feedback.

If anyone has any feedback about the forums or a question about this post, please feel free to PM me directly. I am more than happy to talk about that and listen as well as send feedback and suggestions to the teams that it would be most helpful to, including the Forum Moderation Team.

Thank you for your time and understanding,


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