Trophies and Office

[Post New]by bekahdalesings on Mar 26, 10 9:45 PM
How do you get enough points to buy all the things in the office and get all the gold trophies? I finished the game with expert on every level and still can't buy all the office things.

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Re:Trophies and Office

[Post New]by unclepaul on May 26, 12 10:33 AM
Same here I have bough everything except the plant and am 2 points short. I think they did not do their adding up correctly. Or they did it on purpose to give us something to grizzle about.

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Re:Trophies and Office

[Post New]by HatesTimers on Sep 24, 12 7:42 PM
I got exactly the number of points I needed to buy everything in the office.

Note that the game gives you a medal and two points to spend if you finish a level in time, and only one point if you finish, but not in time. If you replay the level and finish in time, you get the medal, but not the extra point. So if you want all the points, you need to get the medal the first time you finish each level. Note that you can restart any level that isn't going well.

BTW, I was able to get all the shopping trophies without buying the last (and most expensive) dress.

Edit: The last level seems to be an exception. I got more points every time I replayed it.

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