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[Post New]by simisola on Oct 19, 16 1:20 PM
I am having a total brain fart - I cant figure out the colored masks in the very beginning of the game. I try to skip it, but it doesn't work so I'm assuming I first need to get the colors right first which I cant figure out. Any help? Thanks.

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[Post New]by sazoria on Oct 19, 16 6:25 PM
The masks game is pretty simple when you get the idea. You just have to move the coloured parts of the masks around between the three masks until all three are made up of parts that are only their assigned colour.

Hopefully you have already placed the green and blue eyes into the puzzle as you cannot play it until you have placed these parts. The Green eye is where the three figurines in the wall are, and you get it after you have placed the second figurine. The blue eye is in the zoom in area of the face statue, which is on the wall above the skeleton in the first scene.

Once this is done you can start the puzzle.

The puzzle is made up of three masks, and you can move from one to another by pressing the left and right arrow buttons, on the pedestal under the masks, making the pedestal turn in either direction so that you have a different mask front and centre.

You need to match the colour of the face parts, with the colour of the main part of the mask.

You tell what colour each mask is supposed to be by looking at the jaw/mouth area, as this is set and cannot be swapped, this is your reference point.
So you will have a mask with a yellow mouth, green mouth and a blue mouth.

All the other parts of the face are coloured too, and can be swapped until they are on the mask with the same mouth colour. So simply select a face part that is a different colour to the mask it is in, by clicking on it, and then look to either side of the central mask to see which side the matching coloured mask mouth is on. Then press the arrow to turn that way, and finally click on the place where that piece of the mask would fit in the face and the two pieces will be swapped.
E.g. if you click on the left yellow forehead piece, move left to the yellow mask, and then click the left blue forehead piece, the two pieces will switch places so now you have the yellow forehead piece in the yellow mask.

Do this with all the pieces, until the three masks are completely one colour each.
The face parts you can move around are=
The left half of the forehead
The right half of the forehead
Left eye
Right eye
and the tiny diamond shape that is above the nose and between the eyes.
(don't forget about this part as it is small and can sometimes be missed).

There, you now have a blue, green and yellow mask and have finished the mini game.
Sorry for the long winded explanation, I tend to over explain to prevent any misunderstandings. Good luck.

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