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Didnt get the dteel torch

[Post New]by fuzo on Oct 20, 16 4:25 AM
Please HELP I am stuck I played the HO and I was supposed to receive a torch
but I didn't get it and now I cannot move forward with the game.

recently I am having a lot of problems with the BIG FISH games my game freezes or I don't get the objects to carry on the game and I have to delete and download the game again. THIS IS REALLY FRUSTRATING.

so far I have played almost 500 games this is not fair.

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Re:Didnt get the dteel torch

[Post New]by bobhillman on Nov 17, 16 1:12 AM
Did you try scrolling to the right on the inventory? It seems that when new items are added to the inventory, they are in the space to the right of what is actually visible, and you need to use the right hand scroll button to see them.

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