[Post New]by ncal4now on Oct 20, 16 10:54 AM
i have the shaft and head of the harpoon but they won't combine...is there a secret or something missing...this is early in the game, forget what chapter, but in the cave.

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[Post New]by sazoria on Oct 20, 16 12:24 PM
You need three parts to make the harpoon.
The harpoon base and harpoon top you get relatively early, but there is a fair bit more gameplay before you get the harpoon bottom which is in a locked chest next to a giant crossbow/ballista thing.

You open the harpoon base zoom in, examine the top and add the harpoon top, then examine the bottom and add the harpoon bottom, then you finally get the harpoon.
If you haven't gotten all three pieces then you still have some stuff left to do.



[Post New]by ncal4now on Oct 20, 16 6:54 PM
ty. and yes, that is what is wrong thx the hint told me to do something with the base ...but i only have two pieces.

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