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has anybody passed level 7?

[Post New]by loriaudio on Oct 20, 16 3:35 PM
i cant go forward until i figure out how to raise material income/ if you passed level 7 you figured it out please tell me


Re:has anybody passed level 7?

[Post New]by hnbrink on Jan 19, 17 3:11 AM
Material income is raised by building new production buildings. If you hover over the options, it will show you income - gold/materials.
Just build more of the production buildings to increase materials income (fisheries, orchards, grain mills, sheep, etc....
For levels that want more gold income, you build more of the shops (juice stand, grocery stand, shoes, etc...)


Re:has anybody passed level 7?

[Post New]by roadgrrl2000 on Jun 7, 17 7:47 PM
I went back and visited level 7. Unfortunately, it does not indicate what the goals were, and i don't remember them, but I think I know what your problem might be.

If you start building a lot of houses before any production bldgs, you will use up all your materials before you get to the point of actually building the production buildings. A population goal might be part of any other levels but that does not mean you have to complete that goal immediately.

In this case, when I looked at my completed level 7, I had only 2 small houses built. I also had 2 orchards, 2 pigpens, 3 wood and 3 grain. And 1 juice bar.

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