[Post New]by dupjoy1 on Mar 27, 10 1:03 PM
I don't know if I am in the right spot or not...Hard to find a way to make a correct posting. Needless to say I am a newbie here.
My ?? are on Ravenheart as to the puzzle in the the Potting Shed. I have done it twice and now the third time for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the roll of tape to put on the hose to water my plants. Can someone help me? Thanks so much.

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[Post New]by bfgTigris on Mar 27, 10 1:28 PM
Welcome to the pond dupjoy1!

I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread over to the Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Forum to keep all of your questions and comments in one place. There is a entire thread dedicated to the Greenhouse which is where you might find your answer about the hose and duct tape.

To find the forum for any game, just click on “All Game Forums” at the top of this page, and type in the game title you’re looking for.

Hope this helps!




[Post New]by birdbrain1 on Apr 4, 10 9:35 AM
Is there a walk through for this game? I got stuck on the puzzle with the teeth & car on top of the keyboard. I don't remember which door it was. I finally had to skip the puzzle & lost all of my hints & 5 minutes.

BTW, what's with the timer? I thought this game wasn't timed.

Thanks for the help.

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