Volcanic Cavern

[Post New]by alby6430 on Oct 23, 16 10:00 PM
I can't get the box to open. I found the tissue paper, created the flower pattern on it and applied it to the wall in the cavern. It came up with a solution to the chest code as 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 .... it doesn't work. The is a thread on the subject, it doesn't seem to have been answered ... cheers Alby

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Re:Volcanic Cavern

[Post New]by sazoria on Oct 24, 16 2:17 PM

Some people do seem to be having a problem with this.
When you press a number to select it, it goes dark. Basically you just have to make sure that the only numbers that are dark, are the ones in the sequence. Every other number should be light.

If you have already been playing with this puzzle then it might be worth resetting it with the in puzzle reset button (if it has one, Can't really remember), or else leaving the puzzle and going back in.

Then make sure, before you put the code in, that all buttons are light in colour. I think other people with this problem said that the number 10 was darkened, even though they hadn't selected it, so make sure that it is light like the others, and press it if it is not, until all are the same colour.
This seems to be the glitch, that some buttons are selected at the start of the game, even though they were not pressed.
Then press the numbers in the code, and they should go dark.
Hopefully that should solve the puzzle.
Good luck and fingers crossed

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