Bonus Level 8

[Post New]by debbieluigi on Oct 24, 16 10:29 AM
Has anyone managed to get 3 stars on this one? If so, any tips or tricks?
Thank you!!!!

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Re:Bonus Level 8

[Post New]by Csustar on Oct 31, 16 9:20 AM
I finally wrote down the strategy guide to help me remember the steps and got closer, but this one is so fast, it is hard to not panic and run to get whatever. I tried changing back and forth for stone and wood bonus, then leaving it just on the stone and could not tell any difference. I used the run fast bonus and tried to wait some till I had a lot to pu without letting it set too long.
I think I will use the work faster for most of it till towards the end and use run faster to see if that gets me any closer. I will not have much hair left if I don't get it before the week is out. It takes me sooooo many run throughs to get these.

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