All I see are "hidden" objects

[Post New]by Moonthirsty on Mar 27, 10 4:10 PM
I downloaded the trial and played with no issues. Then I purchased the game and tried to play. Now all I can see is the frame, the list of items I need to find, and all the hidden objects sitting there against a grey mesh background.

It looks like there are one or two other backdrops behind the "hidden" objects but they resemble the mesh of a grey window screen.

The grey pictures are also disproportionate to what I imagine must really be pictures of cluttered rooms. A mirror might take up a quarter of the play-window.

The "hidden" objects, meanwhile, are lying on top of the grey mesh in full color. It makes the game as simple as clicking on anything you see. But it's certainly not what I paid for. Is anyone else suffering this?

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Re:All I see are "hidden" objects

[Post New]by genkicoll on Mar 27, 10 4:24 PM
Wow, sounds awful Definitely time to send a message to ! Or, you can go to your My Account tab and click on the Chat Live button and get help that way.

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Re:All I see are "hidden" objects

[Post New]by bfgTigris on Mar 27, 10 4:30 PM
Welcome to the pond Moonthirsty!

It sounds like this is a display issue, you may need to update your Direct X, video card drivers and Flash Player. Here is a help article that will show you how. Unable to Play Downloadable Game

If that doesn't work, genkicoll is right, you should contact Customer Support by clicking on the green envelope to the right of the screen, and then clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom left of the next page.

Or if you're a Big Fish Game Club member, you can connect to Live Chat.

Hope this helps!

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