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General tip for this (difficulty levels)

[Post New]by Yaelle on Oct 27, 16 5:38 AM
Just a general tip:
This specific game may have some hard parts, but ...
I think that I was once told we're not supposed to reply directly to specific posts. So I just thought I'd say that if youre finding yourself on the forums complaining passionately that nearly every TM game you play is poor because it is too difficult, maybe you need to make some tweaks to either the games you play or the difficulty settings, or to your expectations.

I only mention this because I keep running across bad reviews & vehement posts by the same people over so many, many games complaining that they're too hard.


Re:General tip for this (difficulty levels)

[Post New]by aajaaj on Feb 24, 17 10:07 AM
Hi - thanks for the info. I've played lots of TM games with some success and total success with persistence (even Inc Drac 3 CE), but I am having difficulty with this game on levels above 30. I play multi-click mode but I went back and started a second game using non multi-click and I'm doing worse. Is multi-click or non multi-click supposed to be better/faster or what's the difference? I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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