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Frustration Continues

[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Oct 27, 16 8:51 AM
It seems the glitches from the last update are NOT glitches and part of the plan to force players to spend hard earned money on rubies and other items. Even the purchase is in jeopardy as the items go missing without any warning.

List of issues:

1. Ship Timer
2. Ship coming back wanting the same items
3. Mermaid Timer
4. Missing items
5. Missing Gold
6. Missing Rubies
7. Drop rate of items necessary to complete quests
8. 'Readjustment' of the HOS scenes
9. Treasure Chest demanding items that cannot be found due to the ship/timer
10. Lack of REAL response from Support team (same answers given by mods)

All of these issues have been 'addressed' by the mods and the Support team in a passive aggressive manner that gives little to no help to the players. I'm beginning to believe the 'mod' team is a group of robots programmed to give the same responses. The Support team is a joke, they can only give free codes to new games. MUCH EASIER THAN FIXING THE PROBLEM.

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Re:Frustration Continues

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Oct 27, 16 9:00 AM
Hi Tinyfeet2,

I appreciate you taking a moment to compile a list of the current difficulties within Wanderland, please know that the moderation team absolutely understands the frustration that this is causing our players.

As noted in the technical issues thread, and others, while we haven't the ability to resolve these matters ourselves, we are sharing all of the details, from Customer Support emails and the continued conversations here in the forum with the people who can. In cases such as these only the developers have the ability to investigate solutions and provide us with an update to improve the playing experience for all of our players.

Let me assure you that the concerns raised are not falling on deaf ears. As soon as our team has any new information about updates or solutions for this list of issues we will definitely share it with the community here in the forum.

As this is related to technical issues within the game, I am going to go ahead and lock this thread. I also ask that users refrain from creating additional threads about these matters and continue the discussion in the Please post your TECH ISSUES for Wanderland here thread. Doing so allows us to update all impacted users in a central location, and means that the impact of these frustrations can be easily seen by those working to get these matters resolved.


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