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are there any walkthroughs of this game?

[Post New]by loriaudio on Oct 27, 16 11:00 AM
my''go to'' solutions for any game is usually youtube( but this game doesnt seem to have many videos i posted a question over a month ago( its been viewed but ive gotten ZERO responses why do people read questions but never offer any help? ive been stuck on level 7 for a month please help!


Re:are there any walkthroughs of this game?

[Post New]by gingernissa on Apr 11, 17 9:02 PM
To raise material income, build buildings from the production tab. I believe they are the fisherman, the orchard, the wood mill, the wheat field, the pig farm, the sheep farm and the cow farm. Place your cursor on top of each one and it will tell you how many materials each specific building will give your per cycle. So build as many of the ones with the highest material output as you have room for and if I remember correction use the fishermen as many has you need to make up the deficit after you run out of room.


Re:are there any walkthroughs of this game?

[Post New]by roadgrrl2000 on Jun 7, 17 7:17 PM
Yes, there are. Can't post links here, but Google it, you'll still find at lest one. jayisgames

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