This Game is Booorrrriinnnnggg

[Post New]by HawaiiGamer on Mar 28, 10 2:54 AM
I love fashion games so it seemed cool after the free one hour play, and bought it. Luckily it was 30% off. Now that I've been playing it for a while, this is so boring. I now see this game is 3 years old and in the mean time Jojo's Fashion Show III has come out with a lot better graphics and designs. Fashionista has poor graphics and ugly clothing compared to Jojo. It's the same dang thing over and over and it doesn't make sense. Shorts and a top in Autumn? Are you kidding me? I'm in Hawaii and even that combo makes no sense. And orange and black colors NOT in October. The color combos suck too. Not to mention the broken English they use - definitely off-shore work where labor is cheap. It's just cover after cover basically. One thing that was annoying was that in the earlier part of the game it was asking for clothing that was unavailable to buy. T-shirts? What t-shirts?? Where?? At least request something that I can buy! I scoured the stores and couldn't find what they wanted in the beginning. After the beginning, then I could find it. But even now when it asks for LONG skirts or dresses, I only have about 2 items. And I've bought a lot of clothes. So I have to use the same ones over and over. Because the graphics are so poor, the quality of the items can't really be seen. Most of the jewelry looks the same type and color. And my model makes all the clothing look HUGE like plus-size clothing. I swear the model is a size 18 or 20. Even if I paid a few bucks for this game, save your money and buy something better and newer.

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