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What do I do?

[Post New]by bjcs319 on Oct 29, 16 11:31 AM
I am in the last chapter before the bonus chapter. I seem to be stuck. I am in the room where the "savage" doll is on the floor. The hint keeps telling me to go to the vanity beside the window. I have already placed the dragon piece. I think I am supposed to pick up a glass shard there, but I do not get the magnifying glass that shows there is something to do there. My curser stays the same. Am I missing something: I have a zipper pull, triangle piece, toy plane, and the pattern piece. Please help. Thank you.

Update. I just found out that I need to get the glass shard upstairs. Went there, hint tells me to leave the room. Cannot click on the desk where the lamp is to get the glass shard. Curser does not change into the magnifying glass. Still stuck. Thank you.

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