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Getting the Libra Rune from the drawer - Treasure Room

[Post New]by Star_Wise63 on Oct 30, 16 2:04 AM
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[Post New]by SAgames on Jul 20, 15 10:33 PM
I'm having trouble picking up the Libra rune from the drawer in the Treasure room. I have moved all the covering items, but it will not let me pick up the roon. Anyone have any suggestions?

I found a Post in another category above, hope the poster solved the problem.

I was almost going to re-install the game & start from scratch, but luckily my friend helped me solve this.

You have to move your pointer ( hand ) to the very lower right-hand corner and it becomes the hand. You shuffle around some items and drag them off the area.

Do this again - you should see a sort of fan shaped piece, which you just drag a little to be placed in the lower right-hand corner. Then the hand picks up the Rune.

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