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Flowers Mahjong

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 2, 16 12:29 AM
Flowers Mahjong is a quiet, relaxing mahjong experience. Play seven different varieties of mahjong each with their own artistic style and mood. No story line, no quests - Just excellent mahjong gameplay.


Re:Flowers Mahjong

[Post New]by cajunmeg on Dec 2, 16 6:19 AM
I really do love this game. Has many variations of Mahjong. However, the game doesn't tell you how to achieve 3 stars. No matter how fast I complete a game, use no hints or shuffle, the best it will give me is 1 or 2 stars at the end of the board.

Anyone know how to get 3 stars?


Re:Flowers Mahjong

[Post New]by namesrtaken on Dec 11, 16 6:09 PM
I have 3 on most levels so far, but I am wondering the same thing. I have replayed the levels where I only have 2, but in some cases 2 is all I can achieve. I wish the help section of the game explained it.

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