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Bubble Shooter Adventures

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 2, 16 12:29 AM
Aim precisely and clear all the bubbles as fast as you can!

Bubble Shooter Adventures is an extremely addictive game delivering hours of fun. Apart from the tense and engaging gameplay, it offers beautiful design and original effects! The game is great for kids and the variety of difficulty levels makes it suitable for the entire family.

Get ready to lose yourself in the beautiful world of Bubble Shooter Adventures!

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Re:Bubble Shooter Adventures

[Post New]by SilentEyes on Nov 15, 16 6:06 AM
You say that, but what you don't say is that there is no gradient of difficulty. I bought this game after the first few levels assuming (my fault) that it would increase in difficulty as I went through the game.

And it doesn't. At all.

Really quite disappointed and annoyed about that. Why would you make a game of over 250 levels that are basically the same apart from the shape? It's not even as though there are any power ups or tricky bubbles or anything. Nothing...


Re:Bubble Shooter Adventures

[Post New]by compcrzy on Dec 15, 16 11:08 AM
I enjoyed playing even though it's repetitive, I found some challenge when I hit higher levels. It is fun and addicting. I have played it continuously for several nights until I reached the end. Now I'm disappointed that I cannot play it again.

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