Developers, please create an Arizona Rose 3 game soon ! ! !

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Nov 2, 16 11:53 AM
I just did a search on the BFG website to see if a new Arizona Rose nonogram game had been released. I was disappointed to see that there were still only the two of them available.

I own both of the Arizona Rose games and have played and re-played them. In my opinion, they are the two best nonogram games available on the Big Fish Games website.

I'd love to see a new one added to the series. It could be called, "Arizona Rose and the Buccaneers' Riddles"... or "Arizona Rose and the Incans' Riddles" or some other title. Just wish they'd continue creating others for nonogram puzzle-lovers like me to enjoy!

Maybe if enough of us requested more in this series, the developers would grant our requests. At least, I can hope they would...


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