Odin's Collectable Rewards

[Post New]by SorryCharlie on Nov 3, 16 3:54 AM
There are so many threads on this, but none have my answer. I have 94/106 quests completed and only one that is unfinished (Guises of Ran the Owl). I search and search the warehouse for open spots, but do not see any. I have the music box. I have been at this quest for the past year, filling in the missing special holiday quests that I didn't get to finish last year.

So what's up? Where are the missing 11 Quests???

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Re:Odin's Collectable Rewards

[Post New]by GulfCoastGuppy on Nov 3, 16 8:20 AM
SorryCharlie, fortunately the Guises of Ran collection is not counted or asked for by Odin (since as you know we can't get it). But that means you are missing 12 collections for Odin. I know you've been at this a year but only collections turned in AFTER the warehouse is at Level 3 will count, even though you can see all of the collections in there.

You may actually be missing Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, did you get the Pirate's Day collection request from Odin. It took so long for the building upgrades, just wondered if you completed those.

You are right, there are lots of threads on this but below is one that includes a timeline by TiramaSue, remembering your calendar year for Odin begins with the warehouse at Level 3. It might be helpful.


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