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Level 23

[Post New]by emtomjk on Nov 3, 16 12:54 PM
Cannot do this in the time, please help.

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Re:Level 23

[Post New]by plat1098 on Nov 4, 16 3:26 PM
This level concerns the midget king and the giant, right? Very difficult so here's some tips using multi-click mode:

1. Clear first wood pile then upgrade to two Vikings.
2. Do NOT clear rock in front of wood mine until path to farm and berry bush is cleared.
3. Use bonus sack when collecting wood from mine, do not click bonus until Viking has almost reached camp from mine. Then collect as much wood as possible within bonus time frame. After that, use freeze time bonus exclusively.
3. Build farm first, gold mine second. Upgrade farm first.
4. Clear to Druid, build, then clear to the purple wizard. Clear all spooks to stumps, you'll need every single resource. Only build Warehouse, do not upgrade.
5. Clear the Yeti to second wood mine, use primarily to upgrade gold and farm to have each at three stars.
6. Have cave open and cleared of spook before talking to giant so that treasure chest is immediately accessible.
7. Resources are very tight, so avoid clearing little rock and road patch on first road leading to wood mine.

I used two Vikings only, making three stars with a little time to spare. It's doable, just pounce on the stump resources as soon as they're available.


Re:Level 23

[Post New]by shipshape7 on Mar 20, 17 3:14 PM
Can you help me with this level please?

When I get to 20 gold, after that if I collect any more, I just get a + sign? but no increase in gold total? Why is this?

Many thanks.

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