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[Post New]by msmithnc on Nov 4, 16 7:23 AM
There is a section in the Strategy Guide locating "souvenirs". I haven't found a single one that they show. Am I missing something?

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[Post New]by 16paws on Dec 18, 16 3:18 AM
I finished this achievement just yesterday. They are sometimes difficult to find, but since I wasn't being pressured by Sam or Huang, I could take my time. Sorry I can't remember where I found each one. This is one of the "extras" that I like about CE's, plus the chance to collect all the signs. I just wish they would give us a chance to find all the Morphing Objects, because I missed a couple and couldn't go back to the main game to find them.

I hope you do find all the souvenirs. Some are up high, partially hidden, blend in with another object, or in some corner. As I said, somewhat difficult to find.

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