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random sparkles for coins?

[Post New]by angiejoy59 on Nov 4, 16 4:43 PM
I've noticed that occasionally while I'm scrolling around viewing my town random sparkles appear and if I click them fast enough additional coins are added to my bank. What's up with that?


Re:random sparkles for coins?

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Jan 1, 17 8:10 AM
I also noticed this and I like this feature of the game. Sometimes I need just a few more coins to give me enough to erect a building and clicking on the random sparkles gives me enough coins to do it.

I love this game and also the other 3 I own from the series.

Developers, I hope you are almost ready to release Laruaville 6. If it is as good as the others I own in the series, I'll definitely be buying it!!!

Happy gaming, all!


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Re:random sparkles for coins?

[Post New]by bluejen on Jun 1, 17 3:42 PM
This was such a great tip, wish I'd known it sooner in the game. Thanks for this info!

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