Has anyone completed the entire game in timed Mode

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Nov 5, 16 3:27 PM
This is an awesome game but I am not quick enough to complete levels in timed mode. In my opinion the time given is way, way, way to short. I saw the achievement for completing 3 match 3's in a row within the time allotted for the level. I was only in the 10-15 level so switched to timed mode to try for the achievement. Needless to say I quickly got tired of doing levels over and over because I ran out of time...so I will not be getting this achievement which is too bad. Maybe if I knew about the achievement at the start of the game I could have tried to get the achievement before the levels got too hard and too busy. I really like the game but I wish the developers would not put timed achievements in the game for us who like to get all the achievements but because of certain disabilities (not quick enough with the mouse or have carpal tunnel syndrome like me) and just will never be able to get the achievement no matter how many times we play the level. Oh well this is a nice game anyway and I am enjoying it. I have played and liked Lauraville. I also own Lauraville 3 as well which I intend to play after this one is done. Great Developers. Very original and creative games. Also own the Cursed House Series by this developer which I just completed. All three of those are terrific. Thanks for the hours of entertainment. Too bad about the time not accommodating slower players. I think timed mode would be an extreme challenge even for the most experienced players and believe not all levels are doable even by the most experienced of players in timed mode. Just my opinion. Happy gaming.

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