How to get boat off island?

[Post New]by peanutrootsgal on Oct 14, 08 5:40 PM
I need some suggestions of how to get Narracott into boat to go to Ruined village 2.

Have tried placing it everywhere, and he feels it is no appropriate.


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Re:How to get boat off island?

[Post New]by prpldva on Oct 14, 08 7:33 PM
I dont recall Narracott going in the boat, but I could be wrong.Try this:

Go to the grotto and inflate the rubber raft.

In inventory, combine the rubber raft, air pump and oars. Take the left walkway up to the end and be at the mouth of the grotto. Place the inflated rubber raft with oars on the water in front of the metal walkway close to the opening to the grotto and sea.

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