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Level 13?

[Post New]by pita1234 on Nov 8, 16 2:17 AM
I can't seem to get the resources to put out the two fires to proceed. Help!


Re:Level 13?

[Post New]by madme1 on Nov 8, 16 2:32 PM
I have the same problem - I can't get enough money to put the fires out. I have looked at the strategy guide and if I'm looking at it right, it has to move the worker near the garage picking up money and food, but I've tried that, but just get the "road is blocked" message pop up. Just so annoying as I also had similar issues with RT5 and gave up on that completely and don't want to spend more money on a game I cannot play (did have the trial and flew through them, maybe it's a trap by bfg so we buy the game? )
If you find an answer can you let me know too please... Good luck.

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Re:Level 13?

[Post New]by angelfish106 on Nov 9, 16 3:36 AM
There is enough money and resources laying around at the start of this level to put out the fires.

Remove all the wood down the left side to free the 2nd worker. Remove the wood blocking the fire station and pick up the money. Pick up all wood/ food/ money you can get to, then remove the small rock top left. Pick up all the resources there. Whilst doing all this, you should have enough wood to repair the fire station and the garage that houses the bulldozer. Then remove the small rock blocking access to the canyon and send the bulldozer to rescue the fireman. Pick up the money and food there; you should now have 100 money to put out the fire. There is enough money (and resources) behind that fire to send the fireman to the burning gas station, rebuild it and build a house.

Continue rescuing the people stuck in the canyon, remove the big rock next to the workers camp and carry on from there!

Hope this helps


Re:Level 13?

[Post New]by hoover4368 on Dec 1, 16 11:01 AM
I can only get $80.. need $100 to put out fire?

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Re:Level 13?

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Dec 1, 16 8:56 PM
hoover4368 wrote:I can only get $80.. need $100 to put out fire?

You should have $100 to put out the first fire on the bottom left. Collect all the resources on the left and build the firehouse and garage. Just make sure to NOT remove the big boulder that is the right of the rescuer's base camp.



Re:Level 13?

[Post New]by hoover4368 on Dec 2, 16 4:40 AM
I will try... ty!


Re:Level 13?

[Post New]by madme1 on May 15, 17 3:11 PM
DONE IT!!! After months of frustration and annoyance, followed the tips given (only just seen them as I gave up and uninstalled the game for some time!) and finally after having played the level 20+ times and never completing, I finally have today! Thanks for the help
I've now played up to level 21 for the first time (I bought the game the day it was released!) so a huge THANKYOU!! Made me very happy (It doesn't take much, no).

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