Level 2.6 Help

[Post New]by debbieluigi on Nov 8, 16 11:15 AM
I cant seem to beat developers record on this one....even after following the guide. Any hints or tips would be great.

Thank you!!!!

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Re:Level 2.6 Help

[Post New]by Hespera on Nov 10, 16 3:37 PM
People, just keep trying different things and figure it out. If you're having problems, following the strategy guide then decide what isn't necessary. Look at your scores and see what takes you closer or further away.

Stand on your own!

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Re:Level 2.6 Help

[Post New]by tyler2 on Nov 10, 16 11:46 PM
Hi debbieluigi,

I see we're both trying to make it thru Hercules this time. Did you finish Dracula? I tried the guide on this level, too, but it wasn't working for me.

Try using mainly the extra worker instead of extra resources and don't build any bridges other than the one across the top to Megara. I had one sawmill at level 2, the other at only level 1, and I built and upgraded the goldmine as soon as I had enough wood to do so. Oh, and stay on picking up food from the bushes. I had to re-play a couple of times because I was short on the food. Good luck!


Re:Level 2.6 Help

[Post New]by debbieluigi on Nov 11, 16 10:18 AM
HI Tyler2,

I finally figured it out :-) ...and yes....i'm onto Hercules now. Thank you for the hints once again....you are the best!

Good luck


Re:Level 2.6 Help

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Mar 18, 17 1:05 PM
Tyler2, I thank you also for the good strategy. Interesting that it is so not what the guide recommends

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