game won't start

[Post New]by flounderet on Nov 12, 16 10:01 AM
I have tried several times to play ABOO and it won't start. Please help.

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Re:game won't start

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Nov 13, 16 1:32 PM
Hello flounderet,

Thank you for your patience while waiting on a response. It sounds like the game isn't starting properly. I apologize that you haven't been able to enjoy the game and I hope I can provide some quick preliminary troubleshooting to try before reaching out to our Support Team if more assistance is necessary.

First of all, since this game doesn't seem to want to start, it could be that it is crashing upon opening. When a game crashes, the first thing I like to do is provide the following page from our Help Pages which describe steps on how to troubleshoot that issue:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If this is being seen on Windows 10, the following page may be able to help with more troubleshooting steps designed for that operating system:

Windows 10

Also, for players who see this issue on a Mac, the following page of general Mac troubleshooting steps can assist:

Mac Game Troubleshooting

For any problems that continue after trying those steps, we recommend contacting our Technical Support Team HERE with a Dr. Felix Report. Our Reps can gather data on and report issues to the right team, can provide support beyond the forums, and they're always happy to help.

Since this seems to be discussing a technical issue for this game, I am going to go ahead and lock this thread and create a designated technical issues thread for this game so that players may report issues such as this. So, if you or any other player finds a technical issue with this game in the future, please feel free to report it to the following thread:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for A-B-O-O here.

Thank you for your time and patience. I hope this is able to help out with getting the game to run. If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our active Moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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