Spriti of revenge:cursed castle CE

[Post New]by janethooper on Nov 13, 16 9:04 AM
In the game I was in the hunting Room and missed getting the tile/stone under the bearskin. When I discovered my mistake i went back to the Hunting room but it would not allow me to collect the piece i was missing therefore halting play completely. I can no longer proceed with the game. This is a Vendel Game and I wondered if there had been an update to allow a return to collect missing pieces. If so how would i get this update. Thank you

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Re:Spriti of revenge:cursed castle CE

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Nov 13, 16 12:13 PM
Hello janethooper,

I am sorry that this issue has occurred. There is indeed an update that was sent out for this game that addresses this particular issue. You can read more about that announcement for the PC below:

New BUILD Available For - Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle CE (PC) - August 20, 2014

If you downloaded this game recently, it's possible that you won't need to re-update the game as the most recent version should have been downloaded. However, if you are unable to see the game's update in the Big Fish Games App and this game was downloaded and installed before August 20, 2014, it's possible that the game needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled so that the most recent version of the game is available to play. Here's a guide on how to uninstall and reinstall a game, just in case it is helpful for this circumstance:

Uninstall and Reinstall a Game

For any problems that continue after trying those steps, we recommend contacting our Technical Support Team HERE with a Dr. Felix Report. Our Reps can gather data on and report issues to the right team, can provide support beyond the forums, and they're always happy to help.

Thank you for your time, and since this seems to be a technical issue, what I am going to do is lock this thread and recreate the designated technical issues thread for this game. If any player wants to report a technical issue about this game in the future, we request that it be posted to the following thread:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition here.

Thank you for your patience as well, and I hope this was able to help out. If there are any questions, please feel free to PM any of our active Moderators. We're all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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