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Progress Erased!

[Post New]by 16paws on Nov 13, 16 7:35 PM
When I went into RMI last night, I found that two days' playing progress had been erased. The cage, which I had mended, was broken; the gun was missing; some of the chemical compounds I had made had disappeared; the coffin had not been made (I had already buried Captain Nemo.) I have no desire to go back and restore all the items that are missing; acquiring them meant hours of work. Regretfully, I am leaving the game unfinished. Regretfully, because I had found the Nautilus and was looking forward to getting off the island.

Maybe six months from now I'll re-start, but right now I have no motivation to do this.

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Re:Progress Erased!

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Nov 14, 16 11:06 AM
Hi 16paws,

I'm sorry to hear that upon returning to your game, progress was lost. If you would like to troubleshoot, it is highly recommended to refer to the following help article as it contains steps that have been known to resolve this issue:

Game Not Saving

If issues still persist, you are welcome to reach out to our Technical Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report. The support team contains the tools to provide assistance based on your computer's configurations.

Since this is a technical issue, moving forward we ask that they be placed in the following designated thread:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Return to Mysterious Island here.

Thank you for your understanding as I will go ahead and lock this thread. By posting in the above thread it helps the Moderation Team identify trends in what players are seeing to alert to the appropriate teams. Please PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.


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