Bonus game: Cats ear glitch

[Post New]by MandaJ21 on Nov 15, 16 9:07 AM
I have finished the main game and finally located the bonus game (which was a pain to find btw) and I'm stuck in the part where I have given the brother the recipe book and he was supposed to give me the cat's ear. However the game will not let me get to the brother to click on the ear. There is no way to get farther in the game without it. It's so frustrating because I have seen many other players having the same problem, yet no one seems to have an answer other than to restart the game. There has to be a better way. My husband got this game for me for my birthday and I am getting so frustrated with it! Please HELP!


Re:Bonus game: Cats ear glitch

[Post New]by MandaJ21 on Nov 18, 16 3:54 PM
BIG FISH GAMES, WHY WONT YOU HELP? This makes me seriously reconsider future game purchases.......... Why bother buying a "collectors edition" when you get stuck and can't play any farther and the developers ignore their customers. So disappointed ?

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Re:Bonus game: Cats ear glitch

[Post New]by teeka57 on Feb 12, 17 5:21 PM
any idea why there is not SG?

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