Tossed out of tournament again

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Nov 18, 16 12:08 PM
I've been playing Midnight Castle for about two years now, but in the last couple of months, there have been too many problems that I have never experienced before. Today was the 4th time I played in a tournament that tossed me out. It showed my first score, a not so good 154,000, so I spent the 5 gems to play again. Didn't do much better, but I was no longer on the players list at all. It seems I never am after submitting the score, so I have to exit and re enter the tournament to find my spot on the list. I had the fall event update boot me back to level 1, and although I did get the game back at level 74, I was minus the friends list. Had to screen shot the achievement for the ghost bride and eventually got that. And after installing the update yesterday, I had the "can't connect to server" issue. Started collecting the ghosts for the challenge and got tossed out of the game and couldn't get back in until several restarts of the computer. But, none of the collected ghosts added up for the challenge, so I had to do that again. I have contacted tech support, and today listed the tournament toss under the PC tech problems post. I don't want to spend game time taking screen shots and contacting tech support again and again. It is getting old and the game is beginning to lose the fun factor for me. Just needed to vent....a lot.


Re:Tossed out of tournament again

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Nov 18, 16 12:17 PM
So. Went back into the game after the venting and played the tournament again. NOW it shows the new score. I can't figure this out.

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Re:Tossed out of tournament again

[Post New]by susiewastaken on Nov 18, 16 1:25 PM
Keeping all players on the scoreboard, and awarding prizes won are two of the main problems with the tournament that they "know about" and hopefully will fix in a future update.



Re:Tossed out of tournament again

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Nov 18, 16 5:04 PM
Thanks Susie. You know I know that, but geez it can get frustrating. Just needed to crab a bit. Bigger sigh. Okay, better now.

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